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Dungeons & Dragons themed can cover Christmas gifts

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Dungeons and Dragons Koozie D&D Dnd Koozie

Want your own can cover? Buy a D20 can cover for $7 a piece on my site here.

In mid-2018, my friends and I started playing Pathfinder, a modified version of Dungeons & Dragons. One or two weekend days a month we get together to spend the afternoon making potentially bad decisions that are going to send us one step closer to death. During a recent session, I kicked something I shouldn't have touched and basically "broke the world" so I think that's going to come back to bite us in the ass soon. Broken world aside, we have a ton of fun every session.

We usually snack and drink while we play. So I thought, "What better Christmas gifts to give our friends than D&D themed can covers to go with our drinks during sessions?"

Here's what a D20 looks like when first cut out and then weeded.

Can cover artwork & supplies

Thanks to Crafty by Day Designs on Etsy, I got the perfect D20 file to put on our can covers. I purchased an .svg file that imported easily into my Cricut Explore Air 2's Design Space software and then I was cutting away!

I purchased Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl from my local Michael's. So far this vinyl has been my absolute favorite to use when heat pressing items.

The can covers themselves came from Amazon. I got can covers here and bottle covers here.

We fill our DM's ego by calling him "God" during gaming sessions.

Can covers

Using the Etsy file, I cut out a bunch of D20s for can covers. I used my EasyPress 2 to thoroughly bond the D20s to the covers. What I really like about my heat press is I can check out Cricut's easy reference chart so I know what settings to use based on what material I'm putting heat transfer vinyl on.

I decorated the can covers with two sides: one side had a D20 and the other side had our character name.

These fit a number of beer bottle sizes, even thicker ones if you really shove them in.

Beer bottle covers

Since I also came across nicer beer bottle covers and half our group drinks out of beer bottles, I wanted to give them covers that will fit their glass bottles as well. The artwork on these covers was a little more silly. Using the artwork available in Cricut's Design Space, I found a set of animals that all matched each other AND had some kind of connection to our group based on previous sessions. (My friend has a pet leopard in our current game, so naturally I put a cat on her cover.)

Dungeons and Dragons Dice Bag

Dice bags

I also came across a set of dice bags with dice on Amazon. So I picked those up and found some artwork in Cricut's Design Space to put weapons on the dice bags.

Dungeon Master hat

As an extra gift to our good friend, John, who works his butt off outside of sessions to prepare as our Dungeon Master, I also got him a winter hat from BoxLunch. I don't believe the hat is sold online anymore (at least I couldn't find the listing when writing this blog). But I love the products from BoxLunch. If you've never seen their online or physical stores, you should check them out!

Dungeons and Dragons table setup with custom made doozie
Here's a quick photo of our (messy) setup when we play!


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