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Commissioned art for our basement

We've been redoing our basement over the last year thanks to a battle with termites where we had to take down walls and replace wooden beams. (0/10 was not fun.)

But it's given us the chance to finally decorate the way we want in what's essentially our computer room.

I plan to take and share photos of the entire room but in the meantime, I'd like to show some custom artwork my husband had made for us. He met Lumalii Art at a local gaming show last summer. They have such a cute art style so I had no problem when my husband suggested commission work to hang on the wall behind our computers.

We decided the wall would be focused on Nintendo characters and settled on Metroid, Yoshi and Kirby. We asked for a few things in each piece (like Yoshis in the forest) and then wanted the artist to do whatever she liked.

Below are the finished pieces from the day we received them. Now we're off to find frames so they can go on the wall!

A painting of Samus from the Metroid video games with a Metroid

A painting of Kirby and Waddle Dee with umbrellas slowly drifting in the night sky

A painting of Yoshi and friends in the forest


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