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Video game engagement photos

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

My husband and I married in fall 2016 and hosted an epic gamer wedding which you can read about here. Earlier that summer, we had fun with our engagement photos and threw as much gaming as we could into them in one photo session.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite photos from that session!

Video game engagement photo ideas nintendo controllers

I bought "Player 1" and "Player 2" shirts off Etsy. Sadly, it doesn't look like the shop exists anymore so I can't link to it.

My husband and I have played a lot of World of Warcraft over the years. We wanted to take some fun photos with our headsets and keyboards. Please note the Horde blanket in the background.

My husband has a green Zelda shirt from our local Kohl's and (my hair is mostly blocking it) I got a Nintendo shirt off of Etsy.

Video game engagement photo ideas Smash Bros
May as well play some games!

We played a few rounds of Smash Bros. while the photographer was there. Our Australian shepherd joined us to watch the action.

I spray painted and super glued some wooden blocks to form an 8-bit heart and then I also tied some extension cords to old Nintendo controllers so we could wrap them around ourselves. I thought it would look cute - it sounds totally silly as I'm typing this, though!

My husband loves Magic the Gathering, so I suggested taking a few photos holding Magic cards and D20s.

We also went to the beautiful park system near our house for a few quick photos before the sun had set. I got a plastic Zelda shield from Amazon for one shot and then brought along my Nintendo 3DS for another shot.

These weren't all of our engagement photos. We did take plenty of what my family would consider "normal" ones, but since this is a gaming blog I wanted to share appropriate photos.

I hope these help you with ideas for a video game themed engagement session!

All photos in this blog are courtesy of Dale McDonald and David Petkiewicz through Peak Moments Photography in Cleveland, Ohio.


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