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DIY pixel heart prop

Looking for a prop idea for a video game themed engagement photo? Or just want to make a cute decoration for home? This DIY wooden pixelated heart is an easy craft to try!

Video game engagement photo with pixel heart
Photo from our engagement session - 2016.

Materials needed:

  • Small wooden blocks - I bought a bag from my local craft store.

  • Spray paints - red, black and white. I also bought a clear shiny spray.

  • Glue - I went with craft glue made specifically for wood.

This craft is pretty straightforward. I googled a pixelated heart and found a Zelda graphic to use as my pattern.

Pixelated heart to follow for pattern

I counted out how many blocks I'd need in the same color and divided them up. Laying out a bunch of old newspaper in the garage, I liberally sprayed the wooden blocks in the proper color and gave them a few hours to dry.

Gluing the blocks together

When the blocks were completely dry, I brought them inside and used the wood glue to glue each piece together. I didn't do a perfect job with this because the blocks aren't completely flush with each other, but it didn't bother me all that much.

I put a small section together and gave it plenty of time to dry before attaching it to another section.

And here's the (almost) final product! After the blocks were all glued together, I liberally sprayed the heart outside with the clear spray to give it a shine.

Be careful of how much glue you use as I used a little too much and didn't catch it seeping out the sides.

Anyway, this was a nice cheap craft that gave us a little something special to put in our engagement photos. Now the heart sits in our living room on a bookshelf and I enjoy looking at it from time to time!


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