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Up close with the Pokémon Company x RockLove Mew necklace

I have long wished for some higher quality geeky jewelry. We're adults, we don't need costume jewelry that doesn't fit (I have tiny hands!) and clearly looks like plastic. I'm perfectly willing to pay more for some quality jewelry these days if there's a geeky or gaming touch. But fear not, for we now have geeky options! Where fashion and fandom meet, you'll find RockLove Jewelry.

Pokémon Center x RockLove collection Mew necklace
Pokémon Center x RockLove collection Mew necklace

RockLove Jewelry creates and sells officially licensed (!) jewelry for many of the major players in the geek world today: Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Pokémon and more.

In January 2021, The U.S. Pokémon Center announced a Pokémon Center x RockLove Mew themed jewelry set, including a pair of earrings and a necklace. The Mew necklace quickly sold out (perfect planning on their part to release near Valentine's Day) but my husband was able to purchase one for me for my February birthday.

This Mew necklace easily shot up to number one on my list of favorite necklaces with its rose-gold plating, 18-20 inch chain and heart shaped Mew tail. It is absolutely gorgeous and photos truly do not do it justice. After sharing photos of it online, RockLove messaged me to share in my excitement of the necklace and to also let me know it sold out already!

No word yet on if the necklace will be back in stock, but as of right now you can still purchase the earrings.

The Mew necklace (18 inch chain)
The Mew necklace (18 inch chain)


Disclaimer: All photos and opinions are my own. This Mew necklace was purchased at full price.


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