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Overwatch string art

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Easy, DIY string art featuring Overwatch.

My craft group decided to make string art last summer so we were all to arrive with our boards, nails, and a design that we wanted to make. I have a knack for thinking a craft will be really simple (because the person on YouTube always makes it look easy!) and then what I make looks ridiculous. So I figured for string art I should try as easy as possible. The Overwatch logo is as simple as I could get for this type of craft.

Overwatch Video Game String Art
Overwatch logo after removing the pattern.

I found a coloring page online of the Overwatch logo and printed it out. It was a good size that fit in the wooden board I bought at the craft store. My craft group didn't really look up any videos on making string art so we decided to just wing it. We taped our printed designs to the boards and started hammering small nails into them to create the outline of our designs. Then we slowly ripped out the paper, leaving just the nails. (If you do a craft like this, go really slow - I ended up ripping a few nails out and had to redo them.)

We all had a bunch of string at home from various needlepoint/cross stitch projects, so we used those for the string. Again, no method really. We just started winding the string around the nails in a bunch of different ways. I wanted to make sure I could see somewhat of an outline and that you could actually tell what the design is. When we got to the end of the string, we tied a bunch of knots and shoved them underneath.

Overwatch Video Game String Art
Finished string art. Some of the nails went a little crooked but I think it turned out alright.

It was pretty time consuming to hammer the nails and wrap the string, so next time I'll make sure to set aside more time so I'm not rushing. But it was a fun craft and an easy one that my craft group and I were able to all make.

Overwatch Video Game String Art
My first string art craft.


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