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Mareep digital art (and wallpapers for you)

Anyone else in love with all the sheep Pokémon? Their sprites, their battle cries, their plush... (Yes, I have plush Mareep and Wooloo in my livingroom.) I no longer care about the strongest Pokémon for my team of six. I'm here for the cuteness because we're in a pandemic, dammit, and I need cute sheep!

I've also included free downloadable phone wallpapers at the bottom of this post for you!

Mareep digital artwork done on an iPad
My finished digital Mareep artwork

Earlier this week, I started learning about digital art. I have an iPad, an Apple Pencil and the Procreate app, so I really had all the tools. I just needed to learn how to wield them. After learning about techniques using shapes, I was able to create a scene with my cats and some subtle gaming items.

I wanted to take my newfound techniques and try something on my own. After looking up some reference images on Pinterest, I decided to make some simple Mareep artwork.

Using reference images when creating digital art
Reference images hang out on the side while I work

Since I really have no true artistic ability, I started with a super rough sketch of what I wanted this Mareep to look like. I then added layers upon layers, refining areas until I was satisfied with a clean outline. Once the outline is finished, it's time for more and more layers until the piece is finalized! I'm amazed at how much you can do with the Procreate app. There's so many ways that this app helps noobs like me create straight lines, perfect circles and smoother outlines.

Comparing first sketch to completed digital work outline
Mareep sketch vs Mareep final outline

Final Mareep digital artwork
I couldn't settle on a color, so I made a few options

Mareep phone wallpaper

Having Mareep on my iPhone's lock screen gives me some simple joy in a world full of crazy. Want to use it for phone wallpaper, too? I've made a few designs available for download. Click here to access the downloadable wallpaper.

Note: Click the download button at the top of the photo album for a .zip file of all the wallpaper images. To download an image individually on a mobile device, click to view the image you like, then tap and hold the download button until options come up for you to open the link.



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