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Magic the Gathering mirror

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Magic the Gathering Vinyl Mirror

My husband has a slight Magic the Gathering obsession. We lost track of our dining room table because it was so full of MtG cards so we ended up turning one of our extra bedrooms into his own Magic room.

I recently purchased a Cricut machine for craft projects and decided to try my first vinyl test with a mirror. I found a mirror at Old Time Pottery for $10 that would work great for this quick project.

I searched online for a MtG-type font and found "Magic: the Gathering" font from Then I purchased svg files of the Magic land symbols from DrBuddhaDigital. These symbols imported perfectly into the Cricut Design Space app. I also started off with a pack of colored vinyl from Michael’s and, luckily, the pack had all of the colors needed for this quick project.

My project in Cricut's Design Space

After laying everything out, I cut the vinyl with the Cricut and used transfer tape to keep everything in place. For my first try with vinyl, I think it came out great! I ended up making a second MtG mirror for a friend’s Magic room. (Re: The photo of the finished product = Unfortunately since this project is on a mirror, I had to take a photo of the project from the side to show the design off as best I can. Trust me it looks really cool in person!)

Now that I have the svg files of the land symbols, I hope to find more uses for more projects in the future.


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