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It's Mario Day 2019

Every year on March 10, Nintendo fandom celebrates MAR10 Day!

Celebrating MAR10 Day

Fun and Sales

Check out the "Sales & Deals" section of Nintendo for some great discounts on Mario games. There are sales through GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy. So if you're thinking of picking up one of the latest Mario titles, buy today and save!

The My Nintendo section of the Nintendo website also has some fun Mario-themed downloads to celebrate MAR10 Day.


Silly family photoshoot

My husband and I volunteered our pets to celebrate MAR10 Day by taking photos. It went fine for about 30 seconds - at that point both pets were done with Mario and with Mom.

Mario hat and Peach crown were from Radiant Designs on Etsy. The seller no longer sells completed hats and crowns, but you can purchase a PDF instructions sheet on how to make your own Mario and Luigi hats.



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