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'Family Tree' is a fun pinball-esque puzzler: Review

What's got cute fruit, warm and fuzzy sound bites, catchy music and more than 120 levels to master? Family Tree, available exclusively in the Nintendo Switch eShop!

What's it about?

Mr. and Mrs. Fruits head off to bed one evening, asking their kids not to stay up too late. Naturally, a floating sugar skull named Pedro appears to the unsuspecting kiddos and sucks them into a wormhole, turning them into actual fruit and scattering them throughout the forest! It's up to you (as Mr. or Mrs. Fruits) to rescue the children!

How's the gameplay?

After playing through a quick (and easy-to-understand) tutorial, you're off to save the fruit kids! Family Tree uses a combination of buttons and both joysticks. Each level starts you at the bottom of a tree trunk where your goal is to launch Mr. or Mrs. Fruits up the tree for some pinball action to rescue the fruit children.

Three favorite things?

1. With a nice autosave feature and the Nintendo Switch's ability to quickly wake from sleep mode, it's easy to play a few levels in Family Tree if you have five minutes to spare.

2. The game progressively gets harder. As I played through the levels, themed to different seasons, more obstacles were slowly introduced. This helped me understand and remember which new additions were friend or foe.

3. It's pinball, but with more control. After you launch yourself into the air, you can use controls to help steer if you are worried about reaching your intended target.

Anything else?

I enjoyed how simple it was to pick up this game and, even after not playing for a week, how easy I found it to pick back up. There are options for a multiplayer mode, secret things to unlock and calming music reminiscent of a farming simulator game.


Disclaimer: Thank you to the teams at eastasiasoft and Infinite Studio Games for providing me a review copy of Family Tree. All opinions about Family Tree are my own.



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