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Review: Nintendo Switch accessories bundle by Evoretro

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

We've seen some really great third party accessories created for the Nintendo Switch over the years that can keep the system in beautiful cosmetic condition. This bundle by Evoretro is no exception.

It's quite surprising at how much was packed into the mystery box when it arrived from Amazon.

What kind of presents await my Nintendo Switch?!

I was that child who got extremely upset when my brother scratched our CDs and DVDs, so naturally I'm all about screen protectors and cases on my electronics equipment as an adult.

A scratch-resistant tempered glass screen protector was the first item my eyes found. I already had a screen protector on my Switch, but it had done its job and had many-a-scratches on it, so I was able to swap it out with the new one. Ahhh, it's like a brand new Switch already!

The screen protector came with everything needed for installation - cleaning wipes and all.

Speaking of protection, Evoretro's bundle contains a three-piece TPU case for the Switch and Joy-Con controllers. I've recently discovered TPU cases - they're SO easy to install, it takes seconds. Also included were a set of thumb grips which I really like the feel of - they have raised bumps which gives you that precision feeling when gaming.

Next up: Let's take a look at the travel carrying case that's provided in this bundle. It has a nice soft feeling to it while also giving the items inside a protective shell. The zippers on this case are of great quality. Like many travel cases, this one has specific sections for the Switch itself (with protective padding for the screen), room for games and a pocket for extra items.

I was really excited to come across this folding stand in Evoretro's Switch accessories bundle. Yes, the Switch natively comes with a stand attached to the console, but I'm always afraid I'll break it and it only has one angle setting.

The folding stand allows you to choose between two viewing angles, giving you more freedom in where you play handheld. Side note: It's also just an overall nice electronics stand. I've already been using it as a stand for my phone and iPad when watching videos.

Want to store games in the folding stand? No problem! There's room to store up to seven Switch game cartridges without compromising the other use of the stand. The stand also folds securely into a compact piece, giving you more portability (it fits inside the travel case) and protection for the games.

The folding stand fits games and allows two angles for holding your Switch

Finally, if you're on the look for just a bit more game storage, this game holder case can fit up to 12 games (or 10 games and two micro-SD memory cards). Fair warning, since it was a brand new case, it needed a little muscle power to get my games out of the slots the first few times. But each slot has a little opening next to it that you can use for leverage to remove the game.

Nintendo Switch game card case
Smaller than my cell phone, this case can hold up to 12 games at once!

This bundle also arrived with a nice Evoretro-themed cleaning cloth and a pen/stylus (not pictured).

Overall thoughts: I have already used every item that arrived in this Switch accessories bundle, which isn't always the case when it comes to bundles. I think the items in Evoretro's bundle are a great selection to keep your Switch in good cosmetic shape as well as keep yourself organized when traveling with your Switch.

Where can I find it? This bundle is available here on Amazon.


Disclaimer: Evoretro provided me with this Switch accessories bundle in exchange for a review. Opinions and images are my own. Thanks, Evoretro!


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