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Decorating a phone case using a Cricut machine

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Pikachu vinyl phone case DIY

For the last year I had a fun pikachu phone case that I got at the Pokémon Center in Japan. I’m finally upgrading my phone to the iPhone XS and it was time for a new case.

Instead of looking for a Pokémon phone case, I decided to buy a clear case from Amazon and add some small Pokémon flair to it using my Cricut machine.

Pikachu vinyl stickers cut out

I purchased a Pokémon pack of svg files from BKA Workshop on Etsy (hopefully I’ll find uses for the other ones!) and cut some small pikachus into gold vinyl (from Michael’s) with my Cricut.

Since the phone case is so small compared to a regular project, I didn’t bother with transfer tape and eyeballed where to put the pikachus. It’s not perfect but good enough for every day use on my phone. The vinyl pieces are double sided gold so I placed the pikachus on the inside of the phone case so they aren’t rubbing on things and ripping. If I see signs of wear and tear, I’ll update this blog with info. But for now I’m happy showing off a subtle way my love for Pokémon!


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