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Animal Crossing Lottery

If you know me, you know I love Japan. Like many of us with cancelled plans, I was scheduled to go to Japan for vacation before the pandemic forced a postponement. What do you do when you can't go to Japan? Find a way to bring Japan to you!

Straight from a 7-Eleven store in Japan

Have you ever heard of a proxy service? This is usually an individual who becomes somewhat of a personal shopper for you in an area where you don't have access to purchase things. I have a proxy who lives in Japan and she has been wonderful! Even though I haven't been to Japan since 2018, I'm still able to receive Japan-exclusive gaming items thanks to my proxy.

Many convenience stores in Japan host kuji events, or lotteries, for various franchises. There's usually a list of prizes available during the lottery period. A player goes to a location where the kuji is being held, usually a convenience store in Japan, and pays to play the lottery. The player doesn't know which prize they'll get until they randomly choose their ticket!

An Animal Crossing lottery was held in December 2021 and my proxy played two tickets for me at their local 7-Eleven store. I recently received my winnings, an adorable trinket dish featuring Timmy and Tommy and a mini fossil towel.

All of the lottery prizes

Who wouldn't want a trinket dish with Timmy and Tommy on it?! And it's in the shape of a turnip! What a perfect reminder of the bells I lost playing the stalk market in that game...

The color really pops on this mini fossil hand towel. I'm excited to add it to my stash of cleaning supplies!

Hopefully travel will resume again soon and I can try to play a kuji on my own in the future! Until then, I'm glad to have a proxy who makes the time for me.



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