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Flamingo Hearts Circular Earrings

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Did you know? Flamingos are born grey-ish brown! 🦩💖

These laser-cut earrings are individually assembled by hand. The patterned portion is made from clear acrylic and due to the nature of cutting the pattern, every set will look different! The outer frame is cut from walnut plywood with the inner patterned portion hammered and glued into place.

  • Hooks are hypoallergenic.
  • Each earring measures 1.27 inches wide and 1.27 inches long.
  • Earrings come with rubber backings.
  • Since each set of earrings are cut from patterned acrylic, no two designs will be the exact same.
  • Pattern is visible on front and back of the earrings.
Care: Please take your earrings off when around water to keep the wood in the best shape.
Shipping: Within the United States only (for now)
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