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Top Level Gaming: A new e-sports facility for Clevelanders

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

If you live in Northeast Ohio and you’re a gamer, you should definitely check out the e-sports facility Top Level Gaming. My husband and I got the chance to visit for an evening and we had a blast!

Top Level Gaming E-Sports Facility in Middleburg Heights, Ohio

What is Top Level Gaming?

Top Level Gaming (TLG) is a premier e-sports facility located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio that opened in late 2018. With more than 40 state-of-the-art gaming stations and practically any major online game you can think of (Fortnite, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, the list goes on...), the possibilities are endless for gaming fanatics.

How much does it cost?

Depending on how long you're interested in gaming, there are multiple ways to play:

  • 2-hour pass ($6 Tues-Thurs/$11 Fri-Sun)

  • Day pass ($16 Tues-Thurs/$32 Fri-Sun)

  • Monthly membership ($80)

  • Participate in a scheduled tournament (pricing varies on the tournament)

Considering the average cost of a gaming station can be in the neighborhood of $2,000 and up, these prices are completely reasonable to me. Best of all, every new gamer gets one free hour of play to check out the facility so there’s really nothing to lose. We spent our free hour playing Overwatch with a friend online who lives out of state.

Top Level Gaming E-Sports Facility in Middleburg Heights, Ohio
More than 40 gaming stations are ready for daily gaming at TLG

Who plays at TLG?

Every kind of gamer you can imagine has been visiting TLG since it opened. Parents drop their kids off after school for Friday Night Fortnite tournaments which are often full two hours before the tournament even begins. High school e-sports teams like Holy Name High School are using TLG as their official practice facility. Competitive adult teams are showing up for Overwatch tournaments. During our visit, a family of three came in and the parents even gave Fortnite a try with their young son. Gaming is something everyone can try and the folks at TLG embrace that fact.

Top Level Gaming E-Sports Facility in Middleburg Heights, Ohio
Each gaming station has a nice amount of personal space as well as room for your snacks

Can't I just play these games at home?

If you have a computer that can handle running these games, of course you can. However, you won’t get to enjoy the gamer friendly atmosphere that you can find at an e-sports facility like TLG.

If you have more people at home than gaming computers, TLG is the perfect solution so everyone in the family can play games together. If you’re the competitive type, seeing the look on your opponents faces as you get that last frag or capture that point really adds a lot to the experience and fun you’ll have while gaming.

Top Level Gaming E-Sports Facility in Middleburg Heights, Ohio
My husband has been telling all our gaming friends they should check TLG out!

How can I find out more?

Head over to the TLG Facebook page and give it a "like." There you'll find general updates from the owners as well as the latest tournament information. Stay tuned for a TLG website that's currently in development. TLG was also featured on WKYC Channel 3!

To visit TLG in person, you can find the address and hours below. Snacks, drinks and TLG gear are available for purchase daily!

6933 Pearl Road Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130

  • 3pm - 11pm Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday

  • 3pm - 2am Friday/Saturday

  • Closed Monday/Tuesday

I really hope you get an opportunity to check out Top Level Gaming. This place was designed by a gamer for gamers. If you're not a gamer yet, you will be after a visit!

Swipe for a photo gallery.

The lights were turned on temporarily for us in order to take these pictures. It's normally dark per the requests of the gamers. 😉


Disclaimer: I was invited by the owners to visit Top Level Gaming during regular business hours. I am not affiliated with the organization; these thoughts are my own.



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