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Pop up gaming greeting card

I recently discovered the world of pop up greeting cards. I'm not talking about the few pop up cards your local store might carry that are bulky and usually play annoying music. These are honest to goodness beautiful pop up cards that will make you want to showcase them in your home.

Ever heard of kirigami? Perhaps not. How about origami? Whether you are a fan of Japanese culture or not, you probably have some familiarity with origami, the art of folding paper. Kirigami is the art of cutting paper! Did you fold paper as a kid and cut patterns to make a winter snowflake? You created something using kirigami!

My day job is digital marketing communications, so I'm acutely aware of when I'm being targeted for marketing ads. I just subscribed to a Japanese greeting card box, which features pop up cards, and started seeing an ad online for an American company called Lovepop, a creator of pop up greeting cards.

Video game controller pop up card
The inside of the game controller pop up card

At the time of writing this (September 2020), Lovepop has a SNES controller style greeting card in their vault section. The vault is an area on their website where cards go on sale before being discontinued to make room for new card options. I purchased two of these controller cards. One to keep as a decoration for ourselves and the other for my nephew's birthday in two months.

I have no idea how long this particular card will be available, but if you're looking for something special for a gamer (or for yourself), jump on this! (Side note: These cards usually require two stamps to mail, FYI!)


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Lovepop and purchased this card at its website's price.



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