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Pokémon is giving us the holiday items we crave

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Remember your excitement the first time you bought new socks and more hangers for your closet? Yes? Good, you're an adult like me. Now what if it's pillows with Pikachu on them? It's time to rejoice, geek adults! The Pokémon Center is finally giving us the holiday home goods items we've been craving.

A few years back I realized I was just filling my house with too many things and the word "cluttered" started floating around in my head. I made a conscious decision then to be more strategic about the things I buy. I've really been enjoying seasonal items because I can decorate my house and then swap them out with other things, keeping my decorations fresh and my house less cluttered. My first foray into this was the Pokémon Halloween Collection back in 2019 and I was really into it. Now the Pokémon Center has 2020 home decor holiday items for the winter season and I can't get enough of it all!

First off, if you're into Pokémon, I really encourage you to sign up for emails from the website. Anytime there are new releases, email is my fastest way of finding out about them. Some items are in high demand, which is another reason to get on the email list. If you find out about a new item a week later, you may be out of luck until a restock happens.

Pokémon has been releasing numerous collections this year, from camping to Halloween to holiday. (And yes, I've been buying things from every collection! My wallet is sad but my heart is happy.)

Keep reading below for five of my favorite releases from the winter collection.


You want flannel pajamas? They've got flannel pajamas - with some really kawaii (cute) patterns. The current pajama lineup has sizes for men, women and kids. It's really a matter of deciding which style you like the best.


The Pokémon Center has been knocking their figure game out of the park these days so it's no surprise to see a handful of adorable holiday figures up for grabs on their site this season. From ornaments to candle holders to Funko figures, Pikachu and Eevee are taking the holidays by storm.


Need more Pokémon on your tree? From numerous tree skirts to ornaments to lights and a tree topper, you can create an entirely Pokémon themed tree with items from the Pokémon Center's website.

Comfy home

These are THE home goods I've been waiting for. Pillows and blankets in multiple holiday and winter designs? YES PLEASE. Rotate these pillows and blankets with other offerings Pokémon does during the year and your home will stay fresh, cozy and exciting.


I'm taking a liberty on this last topic because it's not from the holiday collection. But right around the same time as the holiday release, the Pokémon Center released some Pikachu-themed kitchen items and they were too good to ignore. So if your kitchen needs a little pick-me-up, why not get a happy Pikachu cutting board? I did.

This is all just a sampling of the many items currently available on the Pokémon Center US website. Stock comes and goes so jump on the items you really want first if you're budgeting your purchases out.

Bonus: As a bonus, while supplies last you can receive a Special Delivery Pikachu card to celebrate the opening of the Pokémon Center website in Canada.

Disclaimer: All images on this blog post are courtesy of The Pokémon Center US website. I have purchased numerous items from this collection and will be sharing them on my Instagram.


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