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Pokémon Center Japan's 25th Anniversary Pikachu Merch

Pikachu themed items from Japan
25th anniversary Pikachu-themed items I bought in Japan on April 25, 2023

April 25, 2023 marked the 25th anniversary of the first Pokémon Center in Tokyo, Japan! It was a lovely surprise to be visiting Japan from the States during this anniversary.

As part of the celebration, a 25th anniversary collection was released which featured original Pikachu. It was all so cute and I struggled to choose what items to pick. I ended up buying four things from the collection and the details are just wonderful.

Pikachu coin purse from Japan
This small Pikachu coin purse has an adorable tail as the zipper pull.

inside of the Pikachu purse from Japan
The inside of the purse has Pikachu comic graphics

Artwork on the Pikachu pen from Japan
Artwork on the Pikachu pen

Pikachu comic graphics used on merchandise in Japan
Better view of the Pikachu comic graphics used on the merchandise

Pikachu keychain and zipper pull from Japan
My favorite items from this collection! I'm using them as zipper pulls on my daybags.

The Pokémon Centers in Japan also featured a My Pikachu plush campaign, where you could choose a Pikachu as your partner pokémon. Activities also included making a special tag for your plush.

Meet your partner Pikachu in the forest!
Meet your partner Pikachu in the forest!

I did not end up purchasing a Pikachu plush for this campaign as I had to limit the amount of Pokémon Center merch I bought - thanks luggage constraints! But I am happy with the 25th anniversary merch I picked out!


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