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Magikarp face mask

A little over a week ago, the CDC recommended for everyone wear some sort of face covering when out in public. Since I haven't seen a mask in a drugstore in weeks, I decided to get creative and make my own.

After finding out my sewing machine had broken (great timing, huh?) and going on an adventure trying to find a store with machines in stock during a global pandemic, I eventually bought a new one from one of the craft stores in my city. Finding elastic was completely out of the question, so I had to make do with shoestring that I bought for a cosplay and never used.

I tried using some fabric I had around the house, but after making one mask with it, I learned it was too difficult to breathe with the mask on. So I went to plan B and looked for a t-shirt I no longer wear. I have an adorable Magikarp shirt from BoxLunch that I love, but it's sadly too small in a few spots so I decided to use that. In the end, I made two masks (one for myself and one for my husband) loosely following the video linked at the bottom of this blog.

Obviously these masks are nowhere near medical grade, but they are better than nothing and will help keep me from getting my germs on others in public. Do your best to stay home and stay safe. See you all once it's socially acceptable to slowly make plans again!


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