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Living the Pokémon plant dreams

Can we talk about how amazing it is to be an adult Pokémon fan and a houseplant person?

I became a houseplant person in 2017. I don't have anything elaborate - just a bunch of easy-to-take care of houseplants that have multiplied over the years.

Since I felt fully invested in the houseplant hobby, I decided to start keeping an eye out for planters and pots that I wanted in the house. Pokémon delivered at the perfect time.

There have been a handful of official Pokémon planters, including the Bulbasaur one above, that I jumped on immediately. It brings me so much joy to see plants in. Then my internet friends jumped in and started making plant-related Pokémon pieces!

Crocheted version of Bellsprout the Pokémon in a garden pot
A hand crocheted Bellsprout is obviously needed in a Pokémon plant home
Crocheted Oddish Pokémon in a garden pot surrounded by leaves from a spider plant on the shelf above it
Lil' Oddish is getting taken over by my spider plant above!
Egg-shaped plant holder with Togepi Pokémon markings
A friend of mine found egg-shaped holders and used her Cricut to make them Togepi-themed!
Lucky bamboo stalks sticking out of a white vase featuring greenery and the sheep Pokémon Wooloo
My latest addition is this official Pokémon Wooloo vase
Closeup of a white Pokémon small square planter with a shocked Pikachu face
My first set of official Pokémon planters was a four-pack with Pikachu faces on them, I used a 3D printer to make trays to catch water

Bulbasaur Pokémon planter with a succulent plant in the back
Found this repurposed Bulbasaur piece at a vendor show so I'm doing my best to keep its plant alive

Pokémon planter featuring Pikachu and Oddish on the art, prayer plant leaves sticking out of the planter
I absolutely love this planter from the Pokémon Center

Pokémon planter featuring Bulbasaur on the artwork, prayer plant leaves sticking out of the planter
Another planter from the Pokémon Center

Kitchen photo of a Pikachu mixing bowl with air plants submerged in water
I'm even using my Pokémon kitchen popcorn bowl to water my air plants each week

Welcome mat at the front door featuring Pikachu holding a watering can
And if anyone's unsure of my obsession for Pokémon AND plants, I tell you right at the front door

I hope my collection of plant Pokémon items grows and grows!


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