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6 things I bought at the Japanese Pokémon Center

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

After years of planning, we traveled to Japan in February 2018. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back. High on my list was visiting the Pokémon Center stores. We went to two and they did not disappoint!

Japan Pokemon Center

Japan Pokemon Center

Let me get one thing of my chest. I'm almost 30 and I have been playing Pokémon ever since the Red and Blue original GameBoy games came to the United States. Being a Pokémon trainer led me down the path to being an adult gamer. (It's why I chose a pokéball when I got my first tattoo.) Pokémon is not just a kid thing. Yes, we were kids when it came out. But look how many adult gamers there are now! And the Pokémon Center stores in Japan know that. I was in heaven in those stores because they sold things for adults who like Pokémon!

Keep reading below for 6 things I bought at the Japanese Pokémon Centers.

pikachu phone case from Japan Pokemon Center

1. Phone case

First off, Japanese stores are always doing adorable collaborations with other brands. We were lucky enough to visit during a collaboration where an entire café line was available. I immediately picked up this adorable pikachu iPhone case.

Pikachu and Snorlax coasters from Japan Pokemon Center

2. Coasters

There are three things I can't get enough of in life: tote bags, pillows and coasters. The Pokémon Center had a really cute collection of coasters so I got two: pikachu and snorlax. Of course they're too cute for my to want to put anything on them so they're more of a decoration at my house. (I probably should have purchased double so I could use some!)

Pikachu slippers from Japan Pokemon Center

3. Slippers

One of my must-buys while in Japan was a pair of slippers. I saw some at various stores in Tokyo but they just didn't "speak" to me. Then these pikachu ones from the café collaboration were at the Pokémon Center. In my shopping basket they went!

Pikachu plush and bag from Japan Pokemon Center

4. Pikachu pouch and hanging plush

These two items really said "Japan" to me and I couldn't put them down.

Pokemon alolan bag from Japan Pokemon Center

5. Alolan Pokémon tote bag

We bought a ton of souvenirs on our trip and either needed to buy extra luggage or some kind of bag to put them in for the flight home. This bag caught my eye and was perfect for the job! Plus it's a perfect touch with a bunch of Alolan Pokémon forms on it.

6. Pikachu pillows

Like I mentioned above, I can't have enough pillows. These two were also from the café collaboration and make perfect accent pillows in my bedroom.

The Pokémon Center stores blew away my expectations. I was attempting to watch my spending because we only brought a certain amount of cash on the trip, so I did not buy nearly as much as I would have liked. Shortly after we got back from our trip, the Pokémon Café opened in Japan. It's on our list for when we go back!


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