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Japanese monthly subscription box: Pokémon themed!

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Pokemon pikachu food mold
Every month I get a box of Japanese goodies (all in an eye-catching box)

My December monthly subscription box of "cute stuff from Japan" (a.k.a. YumeTwins) came this weekend and, wow, it did not disappoint! The theme this month is "Pokémon Holiday Parade" and the box was full of adorable Pokémon items! Keep reading below to see what was in my box and to learn more about YumeTwins, the company that provides these adorable boxes.

What's in the box this month?

Since this box was Pokémon-themed, the majority of the box had Pokémon items in it.

1) Snorlax luggage tag

I am all about fun luggage tags. What's the point in using boring ones when I can use colorful and large ones? This Snorlax tag will come in handy the next time we're heading to the airport.

2) Pikachu food mold

Have you seen the amazing bento boxes some parents make for their children's lunch? It's an art. (One I don't have the time nor talent for, but art nonetheless.) Well, YumeTwins sent me a Pikachu food mold. The instructions say it's ideal for rice, mash potatoes, jell-o and more. While I don't think I'll be creating an Instagram-worthy meal anytime soon, I think I can use it as a jell-o mold and not mess up too much.

3) Jolteon keychain/ornament

In the spirit of Let's Go: Pikachu and Let's Go: Eevee, the box had a random keychain/ornament and I got Jolteon (which is perfect because Jolteon is my favorite Eeveelution). It even has a thunder stone on the bottom. I'm putting this on my tree, which gets more and more gaming items each year!

4) Pikachu stickers

These stickers have to be my favorite item from this month's box. There are a bunch of them and look how cute Pikachu is! I can't wait to use these on my 2019 fridge calendar.

5) Sanrio sticky notes and animal plushie

The last two items in the box, while not Pokémon-themed, were great as well. I got a small panda plushie (there were 20 different animals and it's random on what one you'll get). I also received some Sanrio (My Melody) sticky notes, which are also perfect for me. Gosh, I feel like the folks at YumeTwins just "get me."

Other Pokémon items I've received

Pokémon has popped up a few times in boxes since I've been a subscriber. Check out Gengar on the October mini-magazine cover! I've received some Pokémon hand towels and Pikachu snack bags in previous boxes and I can't wait to see what comes in future boxes.

Why I like this subscription box

1) Magazine

Each box comes with a "mini magazine" explaining all the items in the box. This has been very helpful since most text on the items are written in Japanese. The magazine has a beautiful cover designed by the staff at YumeTwins. There's a different cover each month to go along with the theme of the box.

The magazine also has photo contests through social media submissions and a monthly giveaway that every subscriber is entered for a chance to win.

2) Interaction with the staff

As a person who works in marketing for a living, I really enjoy the staff's level of engagement with their subscribers. I've commented on Facebook posts and almost always receive a reply. The team asks subscribers what we'd like to see in future boxes, which is how the Pokémon-themed box came to be. They even show us potential items for upcoming boxes and ask our opinions on the items. (I like to think I had a hand in agreeing on the Sailor Moon screen cleaning cloths!)

3) Loyalty and referral programs

A few months into my subscription, YumeTwins started a loyalty program. Every box I receive comes with a specific code to add to my account online. This unlocks a number of "points" in their rewards section. Once I gather enough points, I can redeem them for physical items like plushies, drinks, change pouches and more.

There's also a referral option if you know someone who is interested in trying the subscription out. By giving them your referral code, they can receive $5 off their first box. If you have three people sign up using your code, you'll receive one free box.

YumeTwins Info

For the last eight months, I've been a subscriber to (what I call) a "cute stuff from Japan monthly box." YumeTwins, a company I found out about from a Facebook ad, curates and sends out a box each month of kawaii (or cute) things from Japan. I visited Japan for the first time in February 2018 and did not buy enough stuff, so this is how I can get my fix until I plan another trip.

I've had monthly box subscriptions to other things before and I've cancelled them all. In the past, I've felt like the items in the boxes weren't worth the money I paid or just weren't along the lines of what I was looking for.

But YumeTwins has been amazing! I purchased a six month subscription and renewed it just this fall. Want to give it a try? Get $5 off your first box by subscribing here. (This is a referral link from my personal account.)

All thoughts on this blog post are 100% my own. I was not asked to promote the YumeTwins subscription box, but I've enjoyed it for nearly a year and I wanted to share it with others who may be interested.


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