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Hands on with the Pokémon BOOster Bundle

Pokémon TCG collectors weren't forgotten this Halloween...

Pokemon halloween Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle cards
Trick or Trade!

While I'm usually pretty jealous of the Japanese Pokémon Centers because they tend to have way more options for merchandise, we've been treated to a wonderful amount of Halloween gear in the U.S. this year.

Among my favorite releases were the Pokémon Trading Card Game BOOster Bundles, which consisted of 40 mini-packs of booster cards (with three cards in each pack). The packaging was adorable and sold at multiple stores, not just the Pokémon Center website. Each mini-pack was called a Trick or Trade pack.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Halloween Booster Bundle Cards
Most of the cards in the set were psychic and ghost Pokémon, but we did get a few others (including Pikachu)!

While all of the cards in these packs were essentially reprints of cards that already exist, they were marked with a Pika-pumpkin to become special edition cards. The full set consists of 30 cards, so it shouldn't be too difficult to complete the set if you bought an entire BOOster Bundle.

Pikachu Halloween pokemon pumpkin stamp
The Pikachu stamp highlights this Halloween's card release

I decided to purchase two BOOster Bundle packages so I can keep one intact and open the other in hopes I'll complete the 30-card set. I hope you were able to snag some Trick or Trade packs this Halloween!


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