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Five cool things about Marvel's AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Las Vegas

My husband and I recently went to Las Vegas for a concert. It was my first time visiting and I'm certainly not the target audience for such a wild city. While The Strip was beautiful during the day and at night, I wasn't interested in hanging out in casinos and gambling. So before we went on vacation, I spent some time looking to see what Vegas had to offer for the geeks!


Inside the Treasure Island casino resort is a family attraction featuring Marvel's Avengers. We probably spent a little over an hour inside the attraction and connected gift shop and saw some neat things for Marvel fans. Below are five things I enjoyed about the attraction...


Marvel's AVENGERS STATION room of Iron Man suits
My favorite room with Iron Man's suits

If any room gives you the "wow!" factor, it's the room with Iron Man's suits. The shine, the lights, the's really cool to see. The details on the suits are amazing and they look like any moment they may come to life and step off their spot.


Marvel's Avengers Station exhibit with Hydra costumes
Hail Hydra

I quite enjoyed seeing the handful of wardrobe pieces scattered throughout the exhibit. Being able to see designs so close really gives you the proper appreciation for the artists who design wardrobe for films.


Marvel's AVENGERS STATION Captain America motorcycle
Hanging out on Cap's bike (which I then fell off of...)

The whole point of checking this place out (for me) was to see some neat things from the films. There's a few iconic larger pieces of memorabilia, including the machine Steve Rogers enters when receiving the super serum in Captain America: The First Avenger.

There's also some photo op sections where you can sit on Cap's bike, hold his shield and try to lift Mjölnir.


Marvel's AVENGERS STATION in Las Vegas - tesseract room
My husband messing around with the tesseract

For the kiddos in the groups, there is a silly little storyline that goes along with this exhibit. Agent Maria Hill is working hard to make sure they're ready the next time the world is faced with a threat by looking for new recruits - YOU.

By traveling through the exhibit and doing the interactive areas, you're training to become an Avenger. (Spoiler: We all succeed at the end! Do I get paid for being an on-call Avenger?)


Marvel's AVENGERS STATION wall mural
I would like a wall mural in my house, please and thank you

The entrance to the experience is located at the back of the gift shop and they only take so many guests at a time, possibly leaving you some time to meander around and look at the merchandise and wall murals.

There's some cute stuff available for sale at the gift shop, but the wall murals blow you away. I mean, these things are huge and each one is done so well.


I don't know when the Marvel's AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N. attraction first opened, but the ticketed experience is semi-themed around the villain Ultron. In one of the props sections, we see broken pieces of Ultron after its defeat and the final training is an interactive battle against Ultron.

But there's a short section inside the exhibit with Ant-Man ants on the floor directing you to a room as well as murals on the walls in the gift shop depicting characters that hadn't yet been introduced when Age of Ultron was released, like Doctor Strange or Professor Hulk.

For a Marvel cinematic universe fan, it seems a little odd that the attraction is themed to the Avengers, but then is missing a lot of what we've seen in MCU movies so far. (Example? The Guardians of the Galaxy are nowhere to be found in this place.) I have a feeling it was easier to upgrade some wall murals and toss some projected ants onto the floor than try to completely update the walking exhibit but it did feel slightly disconnected as a MCU fan. Hopefully the folks behind this attraction have some updates in the works as it's been a few years since the Avengers defeated Thanos.

Where can I find the exhibit?

Marvel's AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is located inside the Treasure Island resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Look out for the signs on the main floor directing you to the exhibit.

I think signage in Vegas is pretty awful on purpose to get you to walk by as many "spend money here" options as possible. But we didn't have too much trouble finding the exhibit at Treasure Island.

Interested in going? Buy tickets online and save! The attraction's website currently has a popup with a discount code that we used for $20 off each ticket.

More photos from the experience are below...

All opinions and photographs are my own. I paid to attend this experience.


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