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Blue light blocking glasses

It comes as no surprise that I'm on my computer a lot at work and then I come home and game in the evenings. I expose myself to a lot of screen time.

blue light blocking glasses
Wearing blue light blocking glasses while playing video games

When I got the chance to test out some blue light blocking glasses, I was intrigued to see how well they would hold up for a gamer like me.

What are blue light blocking glasses?

We're exposed to blue light every day - from the light of the sun to all of the digital screens we're looking at. Many people have a habit of looking at their phone or tablet in bed before going to sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, the blue light coming from these devices could be keeping keeping you awake, extending the time it takes for you to fall asleep.

Blue light blocking glasses can block out almost all of the blue light while using a digital device or watching TV. The idea is that by blocking out the blue light that keeps you awake, you will have less eye strain and it'll be easier to fall asleep.

Livho's blue light blocking glasses from Amazon

How did I do with them?

I used my blue light blocking glasses as much as possible for one full week. I wore them during the day while on my work computer and I wore them at home during multiple hour-long gaming sessions on my home computer. While I don't think I noticed any difference on eye strain, I was able to fall asleep quickly each night - even after looking at my phone and reading.

Studies of blue light and blue light blocking glasses have many conflicting reports, from "the light can ruin your retinas and make you blind" to "just don't use your phone right before bed because it's confusing your internal body clock." While it seems like more research is needed, I feel I benefitted from combining wearing the glasses with something else: putting my devices on a nighttime mode before bed. My phone and my kindle have nighttime options that change the way the screen looks. I read right before I go to bed every night, so I'm on my Kindle Fire often (and always with the nighttime mode).

Where can I get blue light blocking glasses?

The glasses I received were from Livho on Amazon. They're lightweight and feel just like regular glasses. I got to the point where I forgot they were on my face. They have regular nosepieces so they were easy to adjust and they came in a protective case so I could toss them in my bag and carry them to and from work.

I can see myself continuing to use these glasses in the evenings while on my computer playing video games.

If you give a pair of blue light blocking glasses a try, I'd love to hear how they work for you and how you choose to use them!


Disclaimer: I was given a pair of Livho blue light blocking glasses to test as a gamer for free. All opinions about the glasses are my own.


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