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A very gamer Christmas

It's that time of year again! We get to pull out our fun collection of gaming and geeky ornaments and place them around the house. The list of items grows each year and I'm having a harder time deciding on my favorite item...

2018 Hallmark ornaments - Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong arcade machine, Mario Kart
2018 Hallmark Gaming Ornaments

2018 ornaments

  • Mario Kart - This year we see Mario in the lead waving the checker flag! This ornament is really cute in person and looks great on the tree. Purchased from Hallmark.

  • Donkey Kong Arcade Machine - The level of detail on this ornament beats anything else we've purchased. Look below for closeups of the machine, which lights up and plays music from the game. Purchased from eBay (Hallmark had already sold out).

  • The Legend of Zelda Link Statue - I'll always have a soft spot for Zelda games because I think they're some of the best video games ever created (and I love the music). This ornament plays 30 seconds of music from the series. Purchased from eBay (Hallmark, again, had sold out).

  • Jolteon - While the original intent of this item may have been to be used as a keychain, I thought it would work much better as an ornament on my tree. Jolteon came in my December 2018 YumeTwins subscription box which you can read about here.


2017 Hallmark collection items

  • Mario - The plumber is busy collecting a coin from the question mark block. The coloring on this ornament is fresh and lively. Purchased from Hallmark.

  • Yoshi - Our adorable green dinosaur is one of my favorite characters from the Mario Bros. franchise, so when I saw a Yoshi ornament was coming out, I had to get it.

The Mario and Yoshi ornaments were the first Hallmark branded ones I purchased myself. While they are definitely pricey for ornaments, I think they're of good quality and look really nice on my tree.



  • Hearthstone - My husband and I went to BlizzCon (Anaheim, California) in 2016 as part of our honeymoon and this lovely ornament was one of the special con-exclusive items we purchased. In the dark it pulses blue!


Gaming controllers

  • Xbox controller - I'm always so appreciative when our friends think of us. They got my husband and I Xbox controller ornaments from the Microsoft Store. Received in 2017.

  • Gaming controller - This controller is a lower quality than most of the stuff we own, but from a distance it's a nice looking addition to our tree. Purchased at Target in 2014.

Xbox and gaming controller ornaments


Tree topper and wreath

  • Mario Star Tree Topper - I am so proud to put this on the tree every year. It completes our tree very well.

  • 8-bit Gaming Holiday Wreath - This wreath is made up of colored foam and has spots where the coins light up. It's very lightweight, so I opted to hang it on the wall indoors as opposed to hanging it on my front door. Don't want it blowing away!

Both of these items I purchased from ThinkGeek (I'm not sure of the year). Sadly, at the time of writing this post, it looks like both items are no longer available, but there are plenty of other options from ThinkGeek to help step up your gaming holiday decorations.


Other geeky ornaments

So the following items don't really count in my mind as gaming, but more as geeky so I still want to share them with you.

  • Velociraptor - Who doesn't want dinosaurs on their tree? Purchased in 2018 at the Pine Tree Barn near Wooster, Ohio.

  • Darth Vader and Kylo Ren - Okay how cool is it to have these guys on the tree? Received in 2016 and 2015 from my mother-in-law (presumably from Hallmark).

  • Spider-Man(s) and Iron Man - I love the way the designers made these Spider-Man ornaments. They really play into Spidey's character. Iron Man can be seen in a signature pose about to blast someone. Received in 2015 and 2014 from my mother-in-law (also probably from Hallmark?).

  • Captain America and Thor - I have two Captain America ornaments that I really like because the first Captain America movie is one of my favorites. The one ornament opens up to show tiny comic pages! Where's the Thor ornament? Well I took all of these photos, cleaned everything up and put all my photo equipment away, and then Thor was staring at me. Sorry buddy, you'll have to wait until next year for a photo. My bad. These ornaments were also from my mother-in-law in 2015 and 2011 (and lastly, yes I assume from Hallmark).


Do you have any gaming or geeky holiday decorations at home? I'd love to see them! I hope to continue to grow my collection each year with a few items.


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