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A Pokémon Center Halloween

Finally the North American Pokémon Center website gives us the merch we deserve!

Pokémon Halloween
Even the packaging is adorable

A few weeks back, I received an email from the Pokémon Center website about a Halloween line of items ranging from home decor to plushies to blankets. The ceramic home decor items stuck out to me as the best in the lineup and I made an impulse purchase. Later that day I felt pretty guilty about spending $70 on a definitely-wasn't-planned shopping day. But then the boxes were delivered and boy, the items are such good quality that they're completely worth the price I paid.

Keep scrolling down to see what I got...

Gengar halloween treat bowl
Gengar ceramic treat bowl (I keep eating the candy we buy so I filled it with PIkachus instead)

This. Bowl. Is. HUGE! Since I made my purchase so quickly, I didn't even stop to see the sizing of the bowl (6.5 x 14 x 13.5 inches, by the way). It can fit a ton of candy, a horde of pikachus, or my cat who attempted to make it his bed when it was first delivered.

Pikachu ceramic tea light holders
Pikachu ceramic tea light holders

Sorry, Gengar, but the Pikachus win the cutest Pokémon award. These Pikachu pumpkins are a must have for any Pokémon trainer who wants to spruce up their house for Halloween. I placed both of them in my living room just so I can smile when I see them.

Pokémon halloween treat bag
Pokémon halloween treat bag (free with purchase)

Finally, since I spent over a certain amount (I think it was $30 or $35?) during their promotional period, the Pokémon Center folks threw in a free treat bag with my purchase!

If you've purchased anything from the Pokémon Center website, please tag me on Instagram (@pausemygame) so I can see!



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