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A Merry Hyrule Christmas (album) is here!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

If there's something we're craving more of this December as we kick 2020 to the curb, it's some good old fashioned holiday cheer. This past week certainly cheered me up with the release of Materia Collective's new album A Merry Hyrule Christmas.

A festive collection of music paying tribute to The Legend of Zelda and several

beloved Christmas carols, A Merry Hyrule Christmas is perfect for gamers and holiday-goers alike. Produced by Eric Buchholz (Hero of Time) with a merry band of

arrangers, these clever arrangements will bring cheer to both Christmas music and The

Legend of Zelda fans. With grandiose orchestra and choir combined with epic rock stylings, A Merry Hyrule Christmas has something for everyone.

A Merry Hyrule Christmas is now available on all storefronts and streaming platforms.

With tracks like Din Rest Ye Merry Deku Scrubs and Carol of the Goddess, what's not to love? From vocal tunes to all instrumental, I absolutely loved this album and plan to play it a lot this season. The album ends with a hilarious Zelda-filled take on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

The full tracklist for A Merry Hyrule Christmas is as follows:

01. Kakariko Village

02. O Sacred Light

03. Clock Town Sleigh Ride

04. Silent Knight

05. Carol of the Goddess

06. Dragon Roost Hymn

07. Din Rest Ye Merry Deku Scrubs

08. The Twelve Days of Christmas

"A Merry Hyrule Christmas is the first album to combine music from The Legend of Zelda franchise with classic holiday tunes of various genres," comments arranger and producer Eric Buchholz. "We have Zelda music with a Christmas twist, as well as Christmas music with a Zelda twist!. My goal was to create an album of videogame music that could blend in seamlessly with classic holiday tunes. I love the idea of folks being able to 'trick' their parents, grandparents, and family into listening to videogame music—without them realizing it!"

Side note: My husband and I totally did this at our video game themed wedding. We purchased jazz and orchestral versions of well-known videogame music and played it all during our dinner reception. It was so funny to see my family bopping along, not even realizing they were listening to my "dreaded video games!" So why not do it for the holidays?

If you're looking for holiday cheer this year, give A Merry Hyrule Christmas a listen.


Disclaimer: I received a reviewer media copy of the album. All opinions are my own.


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