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2021 gaming Hallmark Keepsake ornaments revealed

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Ready to fill your tree with the latest and greatest gaming Keepsake ornaments from Hallmark? I sure am! Take a look below for the 2021 list of ornaments, including links, descriptions and release dates. (And budget some money from your paychecks now so "future you" will be able to buy every ornament!)

Update: The October release date for the ornaments listed below has been moved to October 16, 2021.

First off, OMG. I have been hoping for Sonic ornaments for years. I literally screamed out loud when I saw these in the 2021 lineup. I feel like I'll need doubles of these just so I can have a set displayed in my house all the time... "Gotta go fast to hang this fun Sonic and Tails Christmas tree ornament on your tree! Tails engages his rotor-like tails to lift Sonic the Hedgehog to safety in this fun decoration that's perfect for the gamer in your life."

$19.99, Available October 2, 2021

"Do your thing when you add this Knuckles Christmas tree ornament to your holiday decor. Sonic the Hedgehog's red echidna friend grasps an energy-giving gold ring with one spiked hand while the other reaches out, ready to protect the Master Emerald. Great for a gamer who loves racing at the speed of sound."

$17.99, Available October 2, 2021

Note: This Knuckles ornament has been marked "limited quantity." When I bought the limited ornaments in previous years, I was only allowed to purchase one at the store. You'll probably only be able to purchase one or two on the website, so this is the one you don't want to miss!

"Soar into retro fun with this Mario Christmas tree ornament. Wearing his yellow cape, first introduced in "Super Mario World" for the Super NES console, Mario embodies high-flying adventures through Dinosaur Land in his quest to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser." $17.99, Available July 10, 2021

"Recall hours spent sitting in your bean bag chair parked in front of the television, video game controller in hand. Nothing mattered except defeating Bowser and ultimately completing the entire "Super Mario World" game. Relive the care-free fun when you display this Super NES console Christmas tree ornament that lights up and plays the familiar music and sounds of the iconic video game (battery-operated)."

$19.99, Available July 10, 2021

"Race into holiday excitement with Donkey Kong. Gamers of all ages will feel like they're leading the pack when they receive this Christmas tree ornament. The fun design features the barrel-busting primate at the wheel of his go-kart from the racing video game that has been a go-to source of fun for more than two decades."

$18.99, Available July 10, 2021

"Bring the classic Nintendo "The Legend of Zelda" video game to life on your tree with this miniature Christmas ornament. Dimensional pixelated 8-bit styling features the adventurer Link, whose quests in the kingdom of Hyrule have captivated gamers of all ages for decades."

$8.99, Available October 2, 2021

"Bring the classic Nintendo "The Legend of Zelda" video game to life on your tree with this miniature Christmas ornament. Dimensional pixelated 8-bit styling features Princess Zelda, whose adventures in the kingdom of Hyrule have captivated gamers of all ages for decades."

$8.99, Available October 2, 2021

"Heat up the holidays when you catch this Charizard Christmas tree ornament. Pokémon trainers will love seeing Charizard, an epic Pokémon with fire tail and extended dragon wings, on their tree. The final evolution of Charmander, this popular Pokémon anime character has a look of determination that will set your holidays aflame."

$17.99, Available October 2, 2021

"Trained by Master Yen Sid to be a Keyblade Master, King Mickey is the kind ruler of Disney Castle in the "Kingdom Hearts" video games. This Christmas tree ornament features the noble leader wielding his powerful Keyblade to help his friends and protect the worlds from the Heartless."

$17.99, Available October 2, 2021

"Embellish your earthworks with this Minecraft Enderman Christmas tree ornament. Pixelated, three-dimensional design portrays the teleporting Minecraft mob... just be sure not to look him in the eye when you accept the holiday present he holds in his long, narrow arms."

$18.99, Available October 2, 2021

"Test your might and choose Sub-Zero as your fighter for flawless victory. An assassin of the Lin Kuei clan, Kuai Liang—who assumed the mantle of Sub-Zero to honor his brother—commands the power of ice and cold. Fans of the legendary video game franchise will love this Christmas tree ornament that features Sub-Zero in a triumphant pose. "Finish him!"

$17.99, Available July 10, 2021

"Add some Winterfest fun to your cabin with this Fortnite Crackshot Christmas tree ornament. This legendary Fortnite skin in Nutcracker style features a toy soldier design, high black hat and Candy Axe harvesting tool in hand for a dimensional decoration your favorite gamer will enjoy seeing on the tree year after year."

$17.99, Available October 2, 2021


So there you have it! Add July 10 and October 2 to your calendars so you don't miss the ornament(s) you wish to buy. Yes, Keepsake ornaments are pricey, especially once you begin buying multiple ornaments. But they're great quality and I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you have a Hallmark Store near you, you should be able to check them out in person.


Links, ornament descriptions, images and details are all courtesy of Hallmark.


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